Apiary and Honey


Our family loves honey and flowers! Thus, a few years ago we decided to add an apiary to the New River Escape portfolio. We can’t have gorgeous flowers without the help of the bees.

It’s no news that honey bees and pollinators around the world are at risk and that the world’s produce sector is being negatively impacted.

By tending to our apiary we feel we are doing a small part to help save the bees and give back to nature.

Fresh flowers in the rooms and fresh blooms for a wedding party are a couple of our signature touches at the New River Escape. The viability of our flower crops and the beauty of our property depends on bees. This year we are adding two more hives and tens of thousands of new little pollinators to the High Country. And you know what that means ... more honey.

Looking for local honey? Contact us at 828-278-9831. We have it for sale in various sizes.

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